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The Orient in Music - Music of the Orient

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-0295-6


“OM”, a fundamental meditation sound present in the cultures of Buddhism, is a syllable full of philosophical and transcendental meanings. The category of the Orient, as contrasted, antithetical and complementary to the Occident (West) and its culture, appears to be one of the most interesting and long-lasting issues discussed in the humanities. European fascination with Oriental cultures has found multifaceted manifestations in science, art, fashion and beliefs.

Music, as an important element of cultural communication, has always been well suited for transitions and inspirations. The relationship between the Orient and Western music encompasses a wide and fascinating scope of problems, a field of various multidimensional influences which brings an opportunity not only to study particular questions, but also to search for universal and fundamental values.

This collection of essays is a result of an International Conference titled “OM: Orient in Music – Music of the Orient”, held at the Grazyna and Kiejstut Academy of Music in Lódz, Poland, in March 2016. The volume provides insight into the many ways in which the music of the East and West can be understood and treated by both Western and Eastern scholars.

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