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Bernert-Bürkle / Federighi / Torlone

The Fast Track Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

Work-related Learning of Culture, Language and Profession

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142 S.

In englischer Sprache

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The Talents empirical research had an unexpected finding: many companies in the research project regions are open to giving the best possible support to immigrants and refugees - not only because they are looking for new hires but also because they see it as their social duty to help the newcomers to find a job. Especially the staff members are motivated to support the new colleagues, contribute to their development and be mentors to them. However, public funding is urgently needed to implement industrial and language trainings. The book addresses employers interested in employing refugees but also practitioners from education and other facilitators of integration working immigrants. It provides them with a great number of best practices and ideas for effective pathways to create and manage learning processes for workplace language and professional learning for new international staff. The research study should inspire decision makers on the political and the system level to embed fast track labour market integration schemes in other existing programmes.

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