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Social and Marketing Aspects of Relationship Shaping on the Cross-Border Market for Cultural Services

The Context of the Polish-Czech Borderland

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Buch. Softcover


175 S.

In englischer Sprache

Logos. ISBN 978-3-8325-5776-8

Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23 cm


The book is primarily addressed to cultural managers, employees of cultural institutions, cultural animators, impresarios, and independent artists who independently disseminate their work, especially in the Polish-Czech cross-border market for cultural services. Potential audiences also include students, doctoral students, and academics working in the management of cultural institutions, cross-border cooperation, or international relations. The work may also be of use to city and regional leaders in the Polish-Czech borderland, for whom cooperation ‘across borders’ in the field of culture represents a potential opportunity for the development of the cultural offer, urban or regional infrastructure, and better promotion of the cross-border area.

``Central European territories have been historically exposed to innumerable social, economic, political, and cultural influences. Moreover, these territories have been crisscrossed by dozens of national, administrative, and cultural boundaries. This book, which deals primarily with cultural aspects of the Polish-Czech borderland naturally, reflects these facts. Moreover, it investigates the cross-border market for cultural services that represents a modern but not adequately researched theme. There is no doubt about the theoretical and practical importance of this book, which will definitely attract many readers.''

Professor Jan Suchácek -- Mendel University in Brno (The Czech Republic)

``The book guides the reader through the interdisciplinarity and complexity of shaping long-term relationships of cultural operators with Polish and Czech recipients of the cultural offer in the Polish-Czech cross-border market. Understanding such relationships is critical for achieving great performance in the whole cross-border market of cultural services, and the book offers the readers well-structured and useful knowledge in this regard. This book is a must-read for all cultural managers and policymakers.''

Professor Mateusz Lewandowski -- Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland)

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