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Moment Marketing

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2019. Buch. Hardcover

ISBN 978-1-119-36129-9

Format (B x L): 15 x 21 cm

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Transform marketing strategy, data, and decisions for the digital age Moment Marketing is a marketing handbook for the digital age. For years, we believed that the monumental amounts of data being collected would allow us to fine-tune segments to a perfected audience of one--but as the data stream became a deluge, a new reality set in: market segments don't really make sense when all marketing has gone digital. Instead, we need to reach the right audience with the right message, at the right time: when their attention is available and their interest is piqued. In this book, the CEO of Rocket Fuel shows you how it's done. Today's marketing requires a deep understanding of the nature of complexity, and the opportunity costs and challenges of a world awash in behavioral data. This book offers an analysis of the current paradigm; from contemporary case studies to ancient philosophy, from unexpected happenstance to carefully orchestrated campaigns, situated between the art and science of knowing when your audience is who you think they are, this invaluable guidance will help you optimize marketing for the new era. Technology has disrupted markets down to their core--this is not news. But it has also completely transformed the way we approach, measure, and execute marketing; this book brings your operations into the new age, with a more effective approach that exploits the new landscape. * Connect with the right customer at the right time * Optimize strategy, data, and decisions * Market for moments, not segments * Leave traditional marketing behind for the digital age You don't need to connect with personas, demographics, or segments. You need to connect with an individual in a single moment. Moment Marketing gives you a passport to the new era of marketing.


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