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Multiscale Computation of Failure in Granular Materials

A Geomechanics Perspective

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ISBN 978-1-78548-079-9

Format (B x L): 15,2 x 22,9 cm


Multiscale Computation of Failure in Granular Materials covers the multiscale modeling of geomaterials, referencing their mechanical and failure behaviors. Multiscale approaches introduce underlying particle micromechanics, giving way to enriched or structured macroscopic constitutive relationships endowed with small scale information. The pertinence of such models in continuum approaches, such as the finite element method in capturing rich failure modes implicating strain localization and fracture and diffuse phenomena is highlighted, along with an analysis of failure through discrete element modeling. Finally, the presence of liquid and gas phases within a granular material is covered in relation to saturated and partially saturated media.

- Presents the multi-scale modeling of geomaterials
- Describes the micromechanics of underlying particles
- Highlights fracture and diffuse phenomena
- Analyzes failures by discrete modeling

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