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Verlag C.H.BECK and Nomos, in accordance with their authors’ increasing need to publish in English, have initiated a programme of publishing legal books in English. To this end C.H.BECK and Nomos closely cooperate with Oxford-based Hart Publishing under the common brand “Beck • Hart • Nomos”.

The publications focus on subjects of European and International law. Topics which are and will be addressed are Private and Public International Law, Foreign and International Business Law, Foreign and International Criminal Law, International Arbitration and Litigation, as well as various fields of European Union Law, such as Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insolvency Law, Distribution Law and Agricultural Law. The programme distinguishes itself from that of competing English language publishers by focussing on article-by-article commentaries, i.e. an intentional method of presentation which comes closest to the statute-driven perception of legal writing on the European continent and also Asia. Thus, the peculiarities of the largely codified European law have been taken into consideration. But also English and North American lawyers increasingly appreciate article-by-article commentaries and commentary-like handbooks, the more as statutory law has gained in importance also in common law countries. The programme is geared towards customers world-wide, characterised by their use of English as a common language. For non-English customers the English legal terminology in the context of a commentary or handbook will provide a specific incentive, as it can be directly used in communications with foreign partners or Clients.

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