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A History of Psychology

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Buch. Softcover

240 S.

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SAGE PUBLICATIONS. ISBN 978-0-8039-8988-7


By tracing the history and pre-history of psychology from its earliest origins, this comprehensive and innovative textbook shows that the assumptions that govern psychology also have a history of their own. The author unpicks these assumptions in turn opening a new way to question them, arguing that the trace of knowledge about psychology extends further back in time to antiquity; that the very understanding of modern day psychology has been 'socially constructed' over time, and is largely based on the evolution of key concepts pertinent to a particular period in history. Taking a critical attitude throughout and always giving detailed accounts of psychological thinking within the context of a particular period of time, A History of Psychology re-appraises the rise and development of this discipline across a 2000 year timespan within a socio-political and philosophical framework. Key features of the book: " Compliance with BPS Conceptual/Historical Issues - Offers coverage of new directives given by the British Psychological Society. " Pedagogical - Use of textboxes, summaries of specific topics; critical annotated reading lists throughout; " Provocative writing style - Keeps the argument clear and straightforward, while not glossing over some of the more difficult concepts for interpretation. " Wide-ranging coverage - Places some of the most recent developments in psychology and cognitive science in their historical context (sometimes over 2000 years old). This book will be essential reading for all undergraduates studying historical and conceptual issues in psychology.

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