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Volume 32

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Royal Society of Chemistry. ISBN 978-1-78801-774-9

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Specialist Periodical Reports; 32


Catalysts are required for a variety of applications and researchers are increasingly challenged to find cost effective and environmentally benign catalysts to use. This volume looks at modern approaches to catalysis and reviews the extensive literature. Chapters highlight reactions active under oxidative coupling of methane conditions and how they are interlinked, heterogeneous nickel catalysts and their use in laboratory and industry, the reaction mechanism of heterogeneous catalysis with the surface science probe, the concepts of electroless deposition (ED) methods for preparation of true bimetallic catalysts, the general subject of metal-support interactions occurring over ruthenium-based catalysts and benzene as the target volatile organic compound (VOC). Appealing broadly to researchers in academia and industry, these illustrative chapters bridge the gap from academic studies in the laboratory to practical applications in industry not only for catalysis field but also for environmental protection. The book will be of great benefit to any researcher wanting a succinct reference on developments in this area now and looking to the future.

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