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Women in Exile and Alienation

The Fiction of Margaret Laurence and Anita Desai

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9092-2


Since World War II, exile and alienation have become two of the most prominent themes in world literature. Canadian and Indian literatures are no exception. Modern human civilisation is passing through a terrible ordeal following on from the catastrophic consequences of two world wars, and many people have been overwhelmed and overawed by the growth of science, technology and urbanisation. Alienation, a feeling of not belonging, has filled the life of modern man with uncertainties and disappointments, obstructions and frustrations.

Indian and Canadian literatures are currently two of the most acclaimed forms of global literature, with major themes including a search for identity, a struggle for survival, and self and social isolation, and it is not surprising that female writers are major voices in both Indian and Canadian literature. There is a heavy imbalance of power between two sexes in both cultures, where men are considered to be domineering and the centre of the family while women are regarded as subordinate to men. Women’s suppression compels them to live in their self-exiled and alienated world.

The works of Margaret Laurence and Anita Desai depict heart-rending facts and bitter realities which women have to face in an emotionless modern society. Since the patriarchal structure is prevalent in India and Canada, women are categorised as second-rate citizens and are treated as liabilities by their families due to a lack of financial power. In the absence of any economic, social, emotional, and financial support, they also consider themselves inferior to men. Time and again, they revolt against the mechanical and merciless treatment of their family and society, and sometimes they choose self-exile as a safeguard against the callous and selfish treatment of their family members. Their inner desire to revolt against an oppressive society and the prevailing cultural norm only increases their isolation. In their works, Laurence and Desai have unveiled the tortured psyche of sensitive women, who are unable to share their feelings with others and are destined to live an emotionally deprived life.

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