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Role of Media in Nation Building

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9096-0


The concept of nation building is a multi-dimensional process, addressing various components simultaneously. It takes into account the various historical and geographical perspectives of the country in question, noting the peculiarities and diversity of its cultural ethos, including its social, economic and political structures. This volume addresses these inter-linked aspects, and the innovative development of these structures and institutions. However, such changes and development must be directed to create a more culturally homogenous and productive society, so that basic human needs like food, shelter, healthcare and education are fulfilled at the optimum level. All-round development and growth for the nation can be achieved only with a robust economy and political stability. As such, the process of nation building and development is a multifaceted phenomenon.

In the context of India, this process is associated with the central values embodied in the preamble of the country’s constitution, which advocates for the establishment of secular, socialist and democratic society based on well-defined fundamental rights. This anthology reflects these academic spirits and vistas.

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