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Narcissism and Sexuality

A Self Inflicted Wound

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Buch. Softcover


178 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-4532-8


Everyone, by virtue of possessing a psychology and being a child, embodies narcissistic tendencies. Not everyone, however, is narcissistically wounded. A narcissistic wound can manifest in many expressions, from personality dysfunctions to rage. This book differentiates between a severe narcissistic disorder and a narcissistic wound, focusing on one common expression—sexuality.

Narcissistic sexual expressions are portrayed in sexual experiences, myths, fairy tales, legends and the practicalities of personal relationships, which serve to amplify the theory and experiential descriptions.

The psychological foundation throughout the book, analytic psychology, was developed by Carl Jung. The images presented assist the reader in forming a deeper understanding of the theme. The primary psychological concepts presented include Self, False-Self, narcissistic wound, origin of the wound, inability to relate to another person, sexual interludes to satisfy the narcissistic wound, anima (a psychological source similar to the Chinese construct of Yin) and Eros (a psychological function of relationship).

Two-thirds of the book presents a Jungian analysis of a client, addressing a narcissistic wound. Fifty-four dreams and interpretations illuminate the analytic process. This material provides an in-depth perspective of a seldom understood and shared process—analysis.

The content presented here is timely for many reasons. Western societies, particularly the US, display increasing narcissistic behaviors and expressions. Presenting narcissism from one particular expression—sexuality—can enhance the collective awareness of this issue.

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