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The Christian Message as Vision and Mission

Philosophical Considerations of its Significance

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260 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9584-2


With all the messages that come our way through social media and in sophisticated gadgets, does the Christian message of love, hope and redemption still have an importance and relevance? What does it have to offer to enable us to meet the various challenges which beset present-day living? Today there is an even greater and more urgent need to focus on it. After all, the Christian message is not merely information because it is also about a way of life. Neither is it simply an exhortation since it also presents a definite goal. This book provides some philosophical considerations which underpin its central teaching. While aware of its richness and complexity, the essays concentrate on the Christian message insofar as it provides a vision for humanity and articulates a mission to implement it. The book serves to establish points of encounter, rather than points of departure, in order to contribute to the ongoing reflection by those who believe in that message, as well as to the debates with those who oppose it.

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