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Sensorial Trajectories

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Buch. Hardcover


192 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-1650-2


Every human sense becomes the basis of a sensuous trajectory that emanates from the body. In this book, noted authors, scholars and artists take up a wide range of topics, bringing to the fore the uniquely complex and diverse ways in which the body interacts with the experiential dimensions that correspond to such a trajectory, and in which the body also intersects and coalesces with the dimensions of other such trajectories. The topics treated here are reflective of the broad and diverse backgrounds of the contributors. Each sets out to call attention to the lived body in insightful and meaningful ways, highlighting the connection between the body and its sensorial trajectories. Collectively, the chapters of this book also serve to call attention to aesthetically lived experiences associated with the phenomenon of synesthesia, as well as to the role of sensorial trajectories in a wide range of experiential psychic states ranging from the ecstatic to the melancholic. In this book, readers are offered a greater appreciation of this thought-provoking, informative and compelling subject of the human senses and related sensuous trajectories. It will be of particular value to those interested in aesthetics and the arts, especially from cross-cultural and intercultural perspectives. More broadly, as a study of the body’s relationship to the natural world, it will also be of value to those interested in philosophy and the arts, phenomenological studies, cultural studies and the humanities in general.

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