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Ancient Dramatic Chorus through the Eyes of a Modern Choreographer

Zouzou Nikoloudi

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9946-8


This book critically analyses the work of Zouzou Nikoloudi, a major Greek choreographer (1917-2004), and the way she presented, with her company Chorica, the choral odes of ancient Greek drama, especially tragedy. It also sheds light on the theoretical underpinnings of Nikoloudi's choreographic work, the result of her own research on this central problem in contemporary performances of ancient Greek drama, particularly the manner in which the ancient Greek chorus may be revived.

More specifically, the book provides answers to several key questions concerning Nikoloudi’s work, namely: What were her views about ancient dramatic art and how were they influenced by the School of Koula Pratsika and Expressionist Dance? Which elements from her own training did she apply to her teaching method for actors and dancers and to what extent do these elements correspond to our existing knowledge about ancient Greek tragic drama? How did she integrate her embodied experiences and aesthetics into praxis while choreographing with her company?

The book examines the work of Nikoloudi in relation to ancient Greek views of tragedy and the ways in which those views have been reinterpreted in contemporary dance practice, thus elucidating both the work of a distinguished twentieth-century Greek choreographer and our understanding of classical Greek aesthetic theories.


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