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Roquette / Pröstler

International Construction Disputes

A Practitioner's Guide

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Buch. Hardcover (Leinen)


XV, 371 S.

In englischer Sprache

C.H.BECK. ISBN 978-3-406-76970-2

(In Gemeinschaft mit Hart Publishing, Oxford und Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden)

Format (B x L): 16,0 x 24,0 cm

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Kooperationswerke Beck - Hart - Nomos


A valuable tool to handle complex construction disputes.

Construction projects
are highly technical long-term projects in which the structureand the shape of the building, road, bridge, plant, or other works is planned and developed on an ongoing basis. They involve many parties, which – although supposedly committed to achieve a common goal – all have their own interests. These and other reasons lead to a high technical, organizational, and legal complexity, which increases the risk of disputes and the need for effective dispute resolution. However, not only construction projects, but also construction disputes and their resolution are highly complex. The book focusses on the nutsand bolts of these complex construction disputes and their resolution. It covers in its chapters dispute avoidance, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, litigation, and evidence inconstruction disputes as well as future trends, such as the digitalized construction site and legal tech in construction disputes. The book looks on construction disputes from an international perspective, presents different paths to their resolution, and gives insight on the common issues faced on the way.

The editors and authors
are leading practitioners from all over the world, including experienced lawyers, arbitrators, in-house counsels and experts: Tom Christopher Pröstler, Andreas J. Roquette, Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Julian Bailey, Martin Begrich, Adrian Bell, Rouven F. Bodenheimer, Christophe Guibert de Bruet, Bernd Ehle, Eliane Fischer, Thomas Frad, Mino Han, Florian Haugeneder, Emmanuel E. Kaufman, Cornel L. Kerber, Joachim Knoll, Emily Leonard, Claus H. Lenz, Lindy Patterson, Kelvin Poon, Klaus Sachs, Michael E. Schneider, Lisa-Marie Schuldes, Susanne Schwalb, Daryl Larry Sim, Christina Täuber and Michael Werkl.

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