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Sprachkunst. Beiträge zur Literaturwissenschaft / Sprachkunst Jahrgang XLVI/2015 2.Halbband

Beiträge zur Literaturwissenschaft. Primo Levi. In Memoriam. Edited by Manuela Consonni and Federico Italiano
2018. Buch. 85 S. Softcover
Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ISBN 978-3-7001-8231-3
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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Manuela Consonni - Federico Italiano (Jerusalem/Vienna)
Primo Levi. In Memoriam. Introductory Note.

Domenico Scarpa (Turin)
Historical Translatability. Primo Levi Amongst the Snares of European History 1938–1987.

Martina Mengoni (Pisa)
›The Drowned and the Saved‹. A Proposed Reading.

Iris Milner (Tel Aviv)
A Wandering Vaudeville. Levi’s Spectacle of a Voyage Home and Initiation into Art in ›The Truce‹.

Uri S. Cohen (Tel Aviv)
Primo Levi’s Love.

Berichte und Besprechungen

Camilla Miglio (Rome)
Minna Vuohelainen and Arthur Chapman (eds), Interpreting Primo Levi. Interdisciplinary Perspectives.

Mario Barenghi (Milan)
Primo Levi, Opere complete, a cura di Marco Belpoliti, 2 vols. Marco Belpoliti, Primo Levi di fronte e di profilo.
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