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What Everyone Needs to Know®
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2019. Buch. 288 S. Softcover
Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-066336-0
Format (B x L): 14 x 21 cm
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The Zika Virus transitioned from a rare and relatively mild tropical illness to a full-blown global health crisis in the span of approximately one year. Now active in more than 60 countries, Zika is an epidemic unlike any in history: a virus spread by both mosquitos and sex, and one whose most significant effect — congenital birth defects — might not be revealed until months after infection.

Zika: What Everyone Needs to Know® offers both a summary of the virus' history to date and an expert overview of what's known — and unknown — about its medical impacts. Written in clear language and in a highly navigable question-and-answer format, this book offers expert answers to the most common and difficult questions surrounding this new global threat:

· Where did Zika come from?
· Where is Zika likely to migrate geographically?
· What are the risks associated with travel and sex in Zika-affected areas?
· Does Zika cause birth defects in all pregnant hosts?
· Do some people's medical histories make them more susceptible to Zika?
· How long after infection is conception safe?
· Is a Zika vaccine likely?

Authored by two of the world's leading infectious disease experts, this book offers practical and accessible information on this most unpredictable epidemic. It cuts through the slow, opaque information feed of the world's shepherding health organizations to provide the most current information available and a reliable resource for those who stand to be affected.
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