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Ramos / Goldberg / Filloux

Pseudomonas 07

Volume 7: New Aspects of Pseudomonas Biology

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2015. 2014

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Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 9789401795555


Pseudomonas volume 7 collects some of the most relevant and emerging issues in the biology of these microorganisms, and a number of otherimportant issues that were not collected in the previous volumes.?The first six volumes of the Pseudomonas series covered the biology ofpseudomonads in a wide range of contexts, including the niches they inhabit,the taxonomic relations among its members of this group, the molecular biologyof gene expression in different niches and under different environmentalconditions, the analysis of virulence in plants, animal and human pathogens, aswell as the determinants that make some of these strains of interesting forbiotechnological applications.?This seventh volume covers the following topics:The history of the biology of PseudomonasThe use of Pseudomonas as biological agentsNew trends in the molecular biology of these microorganismsPseudomonas and the immune system of insects and animals?This book will be of use to researchers working on these bacteria,particularly those studying medical aspects of Pseudomonas, and their use as ameans to control pathogens or to stimulate plant growth. This volume isalso interesting for those studying the physiology, genetics, molecular biologyof Pseudomonas and those using novel-omics approaches to understandbacteria of the genus Pseudomonas.

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