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Ramirez / Fernández

Security in Infrastructures

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9108-0


This volume offers an interdisciplinary and global perspective on aspects of security and defence, with a special focus on the protection of social infrastructures in the face of various forms of violence. It examines some multi-faceted solutions and stresses the need to approach the problem from many disciplines. The optimistic conclusion from this work is that there are concrete and specific ways to address conflict and violence, and the importance of being alert in order to prevent their eventual negative consequences.

This work integrates and synthesises theory, research, and public policy analysis in an effort to solve the complex questions and problems presented by this topic, and focuses on a range of topics, including militia and police, law, diplomacy, aggression and conflict studies, and psychology. This encourages a broader perspective and thought-process global collaboration and cooperation, and an integrated synthesis of knowledge. It broadens the conceptualisation of the phenomena under discussion and links them with tangible examples.

This book represents an important resource for researchers and students of security and defence, violence, and peace, as well as anyone with an interest in studying methods of protecting critical infrastructures and more specifically of probable the most important social infrastructure, the people, reducing the threats of terrorism from a psychological approach.

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