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Enforcing Human Rights of Palestinians in the Occupied Territory

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Grossmann, Carl Verlag. ISBN 978-3-941159-30-3

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This work examines the applicability of international human rights and humanitarian laws as well as the domestic laws in order to assess the contribution of these laws in protecting the fundamental human rights of Palestinians in the Occupied Territory. It conducts in-depth case studies of three basic rights: the right to movement, the right to property, and the right to equality and non-discrimination in the Occupied Territory. The study further examines the role of the Palestinian High Court of Justice and the Israeli Supreme Court in implementing domestic and international laws. In this regard, the study analyses the major laws which are invoked, in certain circumstances, to limit the movement of Palestinians, to confiscate, expropriate, and destruct their private property, and to implement discriminatory practices against them. The author further examines whether the available international and domestic mechanisms are effective, and if not, she suggests modifications upon which a functional national and international system would be built.

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