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Biographie - Sprache - Didaxe

Kulturdidaktik bei Erich Fried

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>öffentlichen Didaktik<>

Literature has an outstanding relevance to culture transfer. Based on the poetological determinations and the cultural motifs in the lyric of Erich Fried the potential of a realignment of the relation between literature didactics and cultural studies will be analysed. In the study, it will be illustrated that a culture transfer based on literature has a high potential, especially if interdisciplinary perspectives will be considered, such as the concept of a 'Öffentliche Didaktik'. The lyric of Fried is highly appropriate to link literature and culture transfer due to their lucidity and the subtle style that avoids aestheticism. Frieds lyric is not caracterised by a demanding adress of the recipient or a directive request. His lyric is unagitated and sobre when it points to ambivalences and injustices. This caracteristic is still highly important nowadays and presupposes the meaning of Frieds evaluation and advice concerning current problems and social challenges.

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