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Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials Vol. 27

New Quasiatomic Nanoheterostructures: Artificial Atoms and Quasimolecules: Theory

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Trans Tech Publications. ISBN 978-3-03835-882-4

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In the monograph the theory of artificial atom formed from spatially separated electrons and holes (hole moving in the volume of a semiconductor (dielectric) quantum dot and an electron localized on the outer spherical interface between the quantum dot and a dielectric matrix) is developed. Predicted a new hydrogen - artificial atom, which is similar to the new alkali - metal atom. This review discusses the current state of research of artificial atoms (quasiatomic nanoheterostructures) and more complex nanostructures based on them - synthetic quasimolecules, proposed a new model of an artificial atom, satisfactorily explaining its optical and electronic properties, as well as the prospects for the development of the new scientific field.
A theory is developed for the interaction of an electromagnetic field with one-particle quantum-confined states of charge carriers in semiconductor quantum dots. In the context of dipole approximation it is established that the gigantic optical absorption cross sections in the quasi-zero-dimensional systems make it possible to use the systems as efficient absorbing materials. The effects of the resonant interaction of light with such local electron states in presence and in absence of a homogeneous magnetic field are investigated.

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