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Payroll Management

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34. Auflage. 2017

1088 S.

In englischer Sprache

Bloomsbury. ISBN 978-1-84766-062-6

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Written and continually updated by a wealth of payroll experts

The responsibilities associated with payroll processing and management are onerous, substantial and complex. The payroll professional and payroll manager of today needs to have an in-depth knowledge of current and changing legislation as well as an understanding of problem solving, change management, people management, project planning and computer systems. It is today essential that those involved in payroll possess a wide range of skills and accurate knowledge and data.

Payroll Management is a valued source of information designed to help all those involved in payroll processing and management. It explains the rules options, identifies the risks and steers you towards the answer that will achieve the desired outcome for your work environment.

Coverage includes: outline of payroll administration; the legal framework; income tax; NIC; attachment of earnings orders; benefits, expenses and termination payments; payroll law; payroll accounting; payroll organisation; payroll technology; salary sacrifice; public sector v private sector payroll practices.

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