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Cosmical Magnetic Fields

Their Origin and their Activity

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2019. Buch. 864 S. Softcover

Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-882996-6

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This well known and widely used landmark text explores the universal spontaneous generation of magnetic fields in astronomical bodies and the agitation of the bodies by those fields. The general properties of magnetic fields, their appearance throughout the astronomical universe, and the havoc they wreak are described in simple physical terms so as to define the broad scientific problem presented by magnetic fields. Then, with the physical problems clearly in mind,
the theoretical effects are demonstrated with formal mathematical illustrations from the basic electromagnetic equations.

Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences

From James Clerk Maxwell's towering achievement Treatise on electricity and magnetism, to today's ground-breaking research, Oxford University Press has often been regarded as the publisher of first choice for generations of scientists. The legacy of this long publishing tradition is an unrivalled catalogue of past publications, some of which have been unavailable from us for many years.

By popular demand, Oxford University Press is now reissuing some of its most celebrated science classics in the Oxford Classic Texts series. The titles to be included have been selected not only for their historic significance, but also for their enduring eloquence and clarity of presentation. Individually, each book in this collection represents a milestone in the development of scientific thought and pedagogy; collectively these books amount to an unparalleled scientific library for the
enjoyment of a new generation of readers.


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