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Paipetis / Kostopoulos

Exact Sciences in Greek Antiquity

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280 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-3355-4


This book consists of 24 papers on ancient Greek science and technology. It covers such areas as mathematics, physics, engineering, astronomical methods and instruments, and environmental issues. A great variety of topics are discussed, including medical care in ancient Olympiads, mathematical concepts in Plato, the concept of the rate of change in various mathematical areas and the concept of symmetry in ancient Greece. Aristotle’s Physics on free falling bodies, world-structure formation and matter according to the Presocratics, acoustic phenomena in archaeological sites, Trojan Horse reconstruction, offensive and defensive weapons in Homer’s epics, and telecommunications in ancient Greece are also some of the issues addressed here. This book will be an important resource to physicists, mathematicians, engineers, archaeologists, historians, and philologists.

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