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Axel Honneth's Social Philosophy of Recognition

Freedom, Normativity, and Identity

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211 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-0310-6


This book presents a reconstruction of the trajectories of freedom in Axel Honneth’s recognition theory in the context of the conflict between autonomy and social cohesion. Honneth’s re-appropriation of Hegel’s notion of Sittlichkeit, or “ethical life,” provides a potent descriptive theoretical perspective of social conflicts and an articulated praxis of Hegel’s social theory. Amidst the current critical literature posed against the normative aspect of Honneth’s critical theory, there is an already implicit solution to the problem of normativity and reification. By articulating the conflict between freedom and normativity as both a pathological problem and a progressive movement in critical theory, the theme of solidarity is further reinforced in the development of Honneth’s social philosophy.

Through the consolidation of the process of recognition, and the spheres of social interaction where individuals develop, reinforce, and build their identities, it is possible to develop a reverse analysis of a complementary system of social interactions between personal relations, market economy, and democratic spheres to identify deficiencies in societal needs. The book proposes the Reconstructive Normative Simulation (RNS) to consolidate Honneth’s social philosophy. Through RNS, it is possible to examine social pathologies by locating deficiencies in normative resources in the three social spheres. By articulating these deficiencies, the possibility of adjusting societal norms becomes historically bound to existing norms, while at the same time receptive to forthcoming identities.

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