Institutional Effectiveness in International Regimes

An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Coping with the Political Malignty in the Case of Iran
2015. Buch. 259 S. Softcover
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Among the international security regimes, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime has a prominent ranking due to the destructive power of the nuclear weapons over regional and global peace and stability. The NPT Regime has come across with two major challenges in the recent decade: North Korea and Iran. Contrary to North Korea, Iran is determined to stay as a state party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The regime still did not confirm the character and extent of Iranian nuclear program. The question of this study is " why the processes of the NPT regime cannot specify the nature and scope of Iran's nuclear program? glqq The three main the processes of the regime, which are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the multilateral negotiations, are examined to determine the weaknesses of the regime. This study argues that the regime is modulated to cope with operational challenges and it remains relatively incompetent when a political challenge arises.
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