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ADHS bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen

Symptome, Ursachen, Diagnose und Behandlung

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Buch. Softcover

5., erweiterte und überarbeitete Auflage. 2020

218 S.

Kohlhammer W.. ISBN 978-3-17-037146-0

Format (B x L): 13.9 x 20.3 cm

Gewicht: 264 g

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Rat & Hilfe


On the basis of many years= experience in therapeutic work with patients of all ages, the author clearly describes the symptoms, well-founded neurobiological findings and evidence-based ways of diagnosing and treating ADHD. She sets out practical strategies for everyday life and explains how the lives of those with the typical course of the syndrome can be made easier in order to avoid secondary damage. This fifth, expanded and revised new edition of the guide also explains the interdisciplinary, evidence-based and consensus-based ?Level 3= guideline and current options for drug and non-drug treatments. In addition, the difficulties faced by the affected children and adolescents in the current educational system are addressed.

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