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Martin / Preedy

Genetics, Neurology, Behavior, and Diet in Parkinson's Disease

The Neuroscience of Parkinson's, Volume 2

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Buch. Hardcover


865 S.

William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-815950-7

Format (B x L): 21,6 x 27,6 cm


Genetics, Neurology, Behavior, and Diet in Parkinson's Disease: The Neuroscience of Parkinson's Disease, Volume 2 provides a single source of material covering different scientific domains of neuropathology underlying this condition. The book covers a wide range of subjects and unravels the complex relationships between genetics, molecular biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, neurobiology, imaging, assessments, and treatment regimens. It fills a much-needed gap as a "one-stop" synopsis of everything to do with the neurology and neuroscience related to Parkinson's disease-from chemicals and cells to individuals. It is an invaluable resource for neuroscientists, neurologists, and anyone in the field.

- Offers the most comprehensive coverage of a broad range of topics related to Parkinson's disease
- Serves as a foundational collection for neuroscientists and neurologists on the biology of disease and brain dysfunction
- Contains in each chapter an abstract, key facts, mini dictionary of terms, and summary points to aid in understanding
- Features preclinical and clinical studies to help researchers map out key areas for research and further clinical recommendations
- Serves as a "one-stop" source for everything you need to know about Parkinson's disease


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