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Risk Takers

Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives, Third Edition
3rd ed 2018. eBook, eBook. EPub
Gruyter, Walter de GmbH ISBN 978-1-5474-0005-8
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Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives, Third Edition, by John E. Marthinsen, goes to the heart of the arcane and largely misunderstood world of derivative finance and makes it accessible to everyone-even novice readers. Marthinsen takes us behind the scenes, into the back alleyways of corporate finance and derivative trading, to provide a bird's-eye view of the most shocking financial disasters of the past quarter century. The book draws on real-life stories to explain how financial derivatives can be used to create or to destroy value. In an approachable, non-technical manner, Marthinsen brings these financial derivatives situations to life, fully exploring the context of each event, evaluating their outcomes, and bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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