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Mair / Nairz


Recognizing the decisive problems and danger patterns. The definitive book of snow and avalanche science.

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Buch. Softcover


232 S.

In englischer Sprache

Tyrolia Verlagsanstalt Gm. ISBN 978-3-7022-3696-0

Format (B x L): 16.6 x 23.6 cm

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The definitive book of snow and avalanche science - now also in English In the hugely successful innovative manual "lawine" published eight years ago, internationally recognized 'avalanche warner' authors Rudi Mair and Patrick Nairz succeeded in writing the definitive work of avalanche science. Partially responsible its success was their innovative concept of Danger Patterns, which led the European Avalanche Warning Services to introduce cross-border depictions of five Avalanche Problems in 2014. These problems, which occur repeatedly in every mountain region throughout the course of winter, are also depicted in this definitive work: 1. Fresh Snow, 2. Snowdrifts, 3. Old Snow, 4. Wet Snow and 5. Gliding Snow. These fundamental problems are then explored more deeply in the ten decisive Danger Patterns. What are the typical meteorological conditions in early winter, deep winter, late winter and springtime? What effects do they have on the snow cover? And above all: what threats do they create? Short, concise blocks of information, highly expressive photos of the complexities of the landscape optimize comprehensive expertise of this science. Through the analysis of typical accidents (which have actually occurred) these recurring danger patterns are illustrated with a clarity that makes them recognizable on-site. Adopting this approach, the book pursues a classic strategic path of risk management, e.g. '3x3' or 'stop or go' thereby melding to a graspable, all-encompassing whole. A book born of practice in outlying terrain, a practical manual for outdoor experiences. It was awarded the Platinum Book Prize by the Austrian Book Association and named the standard work of snow and avalanche science. And now, finally, it is available in English.

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