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Alternative Data: Capturing the Predictive Power of Big Data for Investment Success

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Buch. Hardcover


256 S.

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ISBN 978-1-119-46500-3


Shift the balance of power from company to investor through intensified use of data Alternative Data opens a gateway to the future of investing, using Open Halo technology to provide real-time performance analysis and breathtaking data visualization. Once solely available to the elites, this technology utilizes observational and transactional data covering vast numbers of stocks to analyze and forecast a company's performance, often months ahead of any official announcement. This book shows you how to leverage this capability to make smarter investment decisions and predict market moves based on much more than conjecture. Imagine if you could access satellite imagery showing that a particular store's parking lot was always full, correlated with credit card transactions showing a spike in sales, alongside social media analysis indicating an unprecedented rate of content generation from inside the store--what would you do with that information? A month later, when the company announces a breakthrough in sales, you're ahead of the game. This granular level of analysis is set to become the de facto standard for smart investors, and now is a great time to start getting out in front of the pack. This book takes you inside the datasets and shows you how to turn them into profit. The companion website features interactive videos that reinforce major topics, giving you everything you need to start getting creative with data. * Leverage Open Halo technology to visualize highly complex market phenomena * Learn how to turn transactional and observational data into smart investing moves * Get ahead of the curve by conducting a more granular analysis * Forecast performance in real time with systematic evaluation of large swaths of stocks Today's investors have access to data at an unprecedented scale; failing to leverage that data is like leaving money on the table. Alternative Data is your key guide for getting up and running with next-level visualizations that fuel smart decisions in any market.

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