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De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-017752-7


The five-volume Schiller Dictionary presents for the first time a lexicographical inventory of the poet's complete vocabulary and provides linguistic access to it. Using electronic text corpora, a team at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena has lemmatized the complete vocabulary in all of Schiller's works for this dictionary. The dictionary provides the following comprehensive information on approx. 32,000 words: - the word form and spelling
- the meanings in the context of the works (with an English paraphrase of the specific meanings)
- selected representative illustrations for each meaning from the works
- references to special vocabulary and neologisms
- entries in other German dictionaries (including Grimm and Adelung)
The Schiller Dictionary is an indispensable tool for language historians, linguists, literary scholars, and cultural historians concerned with the 18th century history of German language and ideas, and with Weimar Classicism in particular. An indispensable aid for all future Schiller research, the dictionary presents a sound scientific account of the literary vocabulary of one of the most important and influential creative writers in the history of the German language. Key Features: - Comprehensive introduction to the main aspects of German language history
- Compiled on the basis of historical text corpora
- Easy to understand through transcriptions of all historical examples of word usage
- A fundamental work in preparation for courses, study, and exams

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