Identität im Zeitalter des Chamäleons

Flexibel sein und Farbe bekennen
3., aktualisierte Auflage 2017. Buch. 213 S. KART. Softcover
Vandenhoeck + Ruprecht Gm ISBN 978-3-525-40382-2
Format (B x L): 12.5 x 20.5 cm
Gewicht: 257 g

Is identity in fact just a fiction? Is it possible to live in a society of ever more complex variations and remain an individual and autonomous person? Everyone talks about the split personalities of modern times, but doesn¿t variety also represent an immense chance for further personal development?In this volume Eric Lippmann explains to us the five pillars of identity: relationships, work, body, possession, meaning. These are the core elements of our lives corresponding to the fragments of our self. The clear chameleon paradox of adaptation and autonomy are underpinned with examples from Woody Allen¿s film Zelig.""

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