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Legal Tech

How Technology is Changing the Legal World
A Practitioner's Guide
2018. Buch. XXIV, 400 S.: with figures. Hardcover (In Leinen)
C.H.BECK ISBN 978-3-406-72924-9
Format (B x L): 16,0 x 24,0 cm
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(In Gemeinschaft mit Hart Publishing, Oxford und Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden)
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This new handbook comprehensively analyzes the current and future states of digital transformation in the legal market and its implications from a global perspective. It provides a multi-faceted overview of the use of Legal Tech in law firms and legal departments in different parts of the world (including Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Russia, and the United States) and formulates clearcut strategic advice for a successful digital transformation. With concrete examples, best practices and first hand experience reports, more than 50 renowned international experts explain how and to what extent Legal Tech - through automation and technology - will change the way legal services are delivered. The reader learns what strategic decisions and steps are necessary to equip the legal industry for the changes to come. Future developments (e.g. Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence) are also explained and analysed in this unique book.

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  • Overview of the state of Legal Tech in many countries across the globe
  • A practically-oriented use cases approach
  • A vivid illustration of future developments

The book is written for lawyers, law firms, legal departments, companies and publishers. Parts of it have been published in a German edition before.
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By link iconMarkus Hartung, link iconDr. Micha-Manuel Bues and link iconDr. Gernot Halbleib. List of contributors: link iconPierre Aïdan, Ph.D. (Université de Nantes), LL.M. (Harvard Law School), link iconDr. Petra Arends-Paltzer, link iconUlrike Barth, link iconMarie Bernard, link iconKushal Bhagat, link iconLudovic Blanc, link iconDr. Friedrich Blase, link iconTom H. Braegelmann, LL.M. (Cardozo, NY), link iconStephanie Brtka, link iconDr. Micha-Manuel Bues, M.JUR. (Oxford), link iconDr. Konstantin von Busekist, link iconMark A. Cohen, link iconFilip Corveleyn, MBA (Cambridge), link iconDavid Curle, J.D. (University of Minnesota), link iconLise Damelet, link iconLaura Fauqueur, link iconDr. Bernhard Fiedler, LL.M. (UCT), link iconZohar Fisher, LL.B., BA, MA, Adv., link iconGibran Freitas, link iconDr. Timo Gansel, link iconNicolino Gentile, Avv., link iconStevie Ghiassi, link iconFlorian Glatz, link iconPhilipp Glock, LL.M. (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), link iconMaría Jesús González-Espejo, link iconJoanna Goodman, MBA, link iconVolker Greisbach, link iconKlaus Gresbrand, link iconMichael Grupp, Maître en Droit, Mag.iur., link iconDr. Gernot Halbleib, link iconEdward Hartman, MBA (Wharton), Esq., link iconDirk Hartung, link iconMarkus Hartung, link iconRonja Hecker, link iconKai Jacob, link iconDr. Markus Kaulartz, link iconAndreas Keller, link iconMarco Klock, link iconThomas Kohlmeier, link iconProf. Dr. Riikka Koulu, link iconMitchell Kowalski, M.A. (Western), LL.B. (Western) LL.M. (Osgoode) ICD.D, link iconDr. Nils Krause, LL.M. (Durham), link iconDan-Alexander Levien, link iconProf. Daniel W. Linna Jr., JD (University of Michigan), MA (Michigan State University), link iconSilvano Donato Lorusso, Avv., link iconPier-Paolo Magrini, MBA (INSEAD), link iconKalle Markkanen, LL.B student, link iconSophie Martinetz, Mag. iur., link iconChristian Mohr, link iconHidero Niioka, link iconEvert Nõlv, link iconThomas Northoff, link iconDr. Naoyuki Okano, LL.M. (Nagoya), link iconErika Concetta Pagano, B.S.F.S. (Georgetown University), J.D. (University of Miami), link iconDr. Benno Quade, link iconFelix Rackwitz, MBA (Cambridge), link iconChas Rampenthal, Juris Doctor, University of Southern California, link iconStéphanie Smatt Pinelli, link iconChristian Solmecke, LL.M., link iconProf. Michele De Stefano, JD, link iconFredrik Svärd, LL.M. (Stockholm), B.A. Media and Communication (Stockholm), B.A. Legal Science (Stockholm), link iconLeonardo Toco, link iconRichard Tromans, link iconDr. Roland Vogl, J.S.M. (Stanford), Esq., link iconLu Wang, link iconDr. Hariolf Wenzler, link iconHolger Zscheyge and link iconJeroen Zweers