International Trade Mark and Signs Protection

International Trade Mark and Signs Protection
2010. Buch. LVI, 1287 S. Hardcover (In Leinen)
C.H.BECK ISBN 978-3-406-57875-5
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Scope of the Handbook


Besides being organised by jurisdiction, the book deals with all types of trademark or signs using the same analytical method:

  • 1. Types of signs
  • 2. Statutory regulations and their interrelationship
  • 3. Requirements of protection
  • 4. Ownership, transfer, licensing
  • 5. Loss of protection
  • 6. Conflict with earlier rights
  • 7. Scope of protection
  • 8. Defences
  • 9. Claims in cases of infringement
  • 10. Infringement proceedings
  • 11. Strategy for the protection of signs


The system used to organise the account of trademark law in each country facilitates straightforward and quick access to the relevant laws. Within each country report the authors focus on potential conflicts between signs and trademarks, thus adding to the practical value of the book. The authors are all experienced and well-known experts in their own countries, whose collective approach to writing emphasises making the content clear, coherent, concise and practice orientated

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