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Natural Polymers for Pharmaceutical Applications, 3-volume set

Volume 1: Plant-Derived Polymers, Volume 2: Marine- and Microbiologically Derived Polymers, and Volume 3: Animal-Derived Polymers

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Taylor & Francis. ISBN 978-1-77188-844-8

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Polymers of natural origins have been explored for their variety of uses and applications in pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostic aids, and materials science. In nature, a huge quantity of natural polymers is obtained from different sources such as plants, animals, and also from marine environments. These are abundantly present in nature and are considered excellent excipients because of their nontoxic, stable, and biodegradable properties.
Natural Polymers for Pharmaceutical Applications (3-volume set) discusses the research innovations that have been made on applications of natural polymers in drug delivery and biomedicines. Volume 1 focuses on plant-derived polymers, while volume 2 covers marine- and microbiologically derived polymers. Volume 3 looks at polymers derived from animal sources.
These three volumes provide a thorough exploration into natural polymers chemistry, including collection, chemical modifications, characterizations, and applications of natural polymers for drug delivery and other pharmaceutical applications.

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