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Kürsteiner / Bleichenbacher / Frehner

Teacher Education in the 21st Century

A Focus on Convergence

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9058-8


How can teacher education prepare future teachers for their work in increasingly diverse classrooms? How does the concept of plurilingualism inform language educational policy in different countries? What are the current opportunities and challenges in the domain of internationalisation in teacher education?

The contributions to this volume address these questions from different theoretical perspectives, and with a strong emphasis on the actual practices in various classrooms. At a time when simplistic, essentialist, biased, and discriminatory ideologies and practices see a rebirth in public discourse, and represent a risk to education, the contributors here take stock and describe some worthwhile alternatives.

The first set of chapters addresses the integration of ethnic, religious, and gender diversity in teacher education colleges. In the second part, the notion of plurilingualism in different educational contexts is explored from a critical sociolinguistic point of view. The chapters in the third part present evidence from innovative international academic exchange programs and how they contribute to socio-spatial learning amongst others. The common denominator in this volume is the notion of convergence – the coexistence of people and practices in diverse contexts.

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