Kaffenberger / Bacci / Studer-Karlen

Cultural Interactions in Medieval Georgia

2018. Buch. 288 S.: 107 s/w-Abbildungen, 46 Farbabbildungen. Hardcover
Reichert Verlag ISBN 978-3-95490-338-2
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Situated between the mountain ranges of the Caucasus, the country of Georgia was constantly exposed to contacts with both nearby cultures and such far-away realities as the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Europe. Constant political changes, including relations to and occupations by the neighboring empires of Byzantium and the Seljuks, make the region a prime example for the investigation of the dynamics of artistic exchange during the medieval period. This volume re-approaches the impressive material legacy from the medieval period in Georgia with a variety of new methodological approaches. The ten articles in this volume discuss, among others, general questions of cultural interaction, analyze the relation of liturgy and artistic objects, reexamine famous monuments and present a wide range of unpublished material.
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