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Jastrzembská / Pichová / Zouhar

Czech Women Philosophers and Scientists

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1st ed. 2021. 2020

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Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-030-61516-1


This book examines the most important Czech women philosophers and scientists. It highlights the lives and achievements of a group that has often not received the recognition they deserve. Chapters provide a systematic description and critical evaluation of the impact these women had on the history of philosophy and science.

After an opening chapter on the status of women philosophers and scientists in the period before 1820, the book explores the role women played in the 19th century rise of Czech culture (Czech National Revival). The following chapter then introduces the situation of Czech women philosophers and scientists in the 20th century. The authors base the material on analysis of key works and the characteristics of contemporary debates in which these women participated.

The volume describes the complex conditions of women in Czech history in relation to the position of learned women in other European countries. The authors also emphasize their link to the historical background. This encompassing coverage helps provide readers with a richer understanding of these important women and the period in which they lived. Academicians and the general public alike will also learn about the political and social limitations these women faced and the influence of historical conditions on their work.

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