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The Invisible Bridge between the United Kingdom and Piedmont

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-2806-2


History books frequently refer to supposed similarities between the Italian region of Piedmont and the United Kingdom and their respective inhabitants. Historians, with a certain degree of emphasis, have described as a “special relationship” or an “ancient friendship” this long-term and privileged liaison. Regardless of the rhetoric, an ancient friendship really did exist, and perhaps still does. The alliance between Piedmont and the United Kingdom, though temporarily spoiled by passing clouds, was cemented by the common French threat as well as the necessity, for the United Kingdom, of gaining access to the Mediterranean, while the Piedmontese state may not have survived situated between aggressive enemies and large empires without British backup. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that both countries simply needed each other.

However, what history books frequently neglect to recount are the existences of the individuals who, with their hopes, works and sometimes a certain degree of chance, contributed to the invisible bridge linking the Italian region with the British Isles. This book collects the stories of eight individuals and a special book in order to investigate UK-Piedmont relationships from an unusual and privileged perspective.

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