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Introduction to Genetic Engineering of Crop Plants

Aims and Achievements

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Buch. Softcover

Second Edition. 2019

320 S.

In englischer Sprache

IK International Publishing House. ISBN 9789386768445

Format (B x L): 16 x 24 cm


Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 2009, a lot of crucial information has surfaced with the help of recent researches the world over. Hence, the need to revise the original edition. This new edition has been duly updated and thoroughly revised.

Transgene technology since its inception, about three decades ago, has progressed rapidly providing platform for discovery and design of novel plants which are improved source of food, feed, chemicals and drugs. This knowledge is changing rapidly by which plants develop their architecture to survive abiotic and biotic stress, and become resistant to herbicides, pests and pathogens. Hence, the scene is set for a change from traditional farming to molecular farming. Moreover, gene silencing from a bane has turned out to be a boon, opening new vistas in genetic engineering of crop plants.

In this book one will find an up-to-date account of aims and achievements of genetic engineering of crop plants. This book is an essential reading for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Botany, Biotechnology and Agriculture.

New Features - First and last chapters after fortification of new information have become thought provoking.
- Two new chapters “Genetic Engineering by Agrobacterium rhizogenes (A Novel Approach in Genetic Engineering of Plants)” and “Terminator Gene Technology (A Betrayal to Genetic Engineering of Crops)” are self-explanatory.
- Sweet potato is the first Agrobacterium-mediated genetic engineered crop in Nature.
- Two chapters carved out, of old and bulky ones, make the book more student- friendly.
- Every chapter has been updated, with the new information available up to 2018.
- “Conclusion”, cultivation of transgenic crops world-wide, vis-a-vis India is a new section of the present edition.

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