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Industrial Engineering and Management

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Buch. Softcover


520 S.

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IK International Publishing House. ISBN 9789386768506

Format (B x L): 18 x 24 cm


Industrial engineering deals with the optimization of different processes, systems or organizations. It involves the use of different physical, mathematical and social principles together with the methods of engineering design to optimize the results obtained from the different complex processes or systems.

The scope of industrial engineering management is as vast as to include a wide array of sub-specialties such as operations research, manufacturing engineering, production engineering, management science, etc.

This book explains the different aspects related to the principles of optimizing the complex systems and processes of an organization.

Divided into fifteen sections, broadly it deals with: - the subject of industrial engineering and management and its prospects
- productivity and the ways to increase it by the discussion on work study
- method study and work measurement through time study
- entrepreneurial development, theories on entrepreneurship and the different government policies for small scale industries
- aspects of inspection and statistical quality control, total quality management, role of inspection and the statistical quality control
- production planning and control
- objectives and importance of plant location as well as its layout
- different methods for job evaluation and aspects of wages, industrial legislations
- important aspects of the value analysis and its different stages
- role of a leader, the domains of leadership,
- methods of optimization and project management
- industrial safety
- engineering economics, concepts and principles of replacement and maintenance analysis and inventory control and its models.

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