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Ielpo / Rosso / Anselmo

Glissonean Pedicles Approach in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery

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xiv, 169 S. Bibliographien.

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Springer. ISBN 978-3-031-35294-2

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Aim of this book is to present the main minimally invasive approaches to the Glissonean pedicles. This kind of technique for hepatectomy has been gaining interest in recent years and may represent the ideal method to achieve anatomical liver resections. Currently the most performed procedure for liver surgery is still the classic intrafascial approach in which, after entering the Glissonean sheath, the portal triad elements are singularly dissected and isolated. However, this is a quite challenging technique to pursue in a minimally invasive setting. Nowadays the laparoscopic and robotic approach for liver resections are increasing worldwide and the intra or extra hepatic Glissonean approach, in which the portal triad elements are dissected and isolated “en bloc” without entering the Glissonean sheath, can facilitate the surgical technique. Furthermore this strategy allows better identification of the ischemic area and could decrease blood loss during dissection, as the liver inflow is kept under control. This book includes a step-by-step description of each pedicle isolation and section, with original laparoscopic and robotic pictures and videos. HPB surgeons who are interested in this technique may find these pages, written in cooperation with some of the most prominent worldwide experts, to be highly informative and valuable.

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