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Hutson / García-Moreno / Noack / Turner / Villaluenga / Gaudzinski-Windheuser

The Origins of Bone Tool Technologies

Retouching the Palaeolithic: Becoming Human and the Origins of Bone Tool Technology. Conference at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hannover, Germany, 21.- 23. October 2015

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This volume is a collection of papers from the conference titled "Retouching the Palaeolithic: Becoming Human and the Origins of Bone Tool Technology" held in October 2015 at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hannover, Germany. With major funding from the Volkswagen Foundation's Symposia and Summer School initiative, the conference brought together an international group of scientists from an array of research backgrounds to explore the origins and development of bone tool technologies in prehistory, speci¿ cally retouchers, compressors and percussors used in various lithic knapping activities. The diverse conference attendance generated an assortment of perspectives on bone tool use covering western Europe to the Levant, from the Lower Palaeolithic to Neolithic times. Collectively, these papers provide an overview on how the integration of bone tools with other Palaeolithic technologies in¿ uenced human subsistence and other socio-economic behaviours over time and space. In the end, this volume is not just about bone tools. Rather, this compilation is intended to stimulate broader ideas on technology and innovation, for the ability and desire to create new tools truly lies at the core of what makes us human.

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