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Towards an Eco-paradigm of Translation Studies

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1st ed. 2020. 2020

XXIV, 312 p. 32 illus..

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Springer Nature Singapore. ISBN 9789811522604


This book offers a panoramic view of the emerging eco-paradigm of Translation Studies, known as Eco-Translatology, and presents a systematic study of the theoretical discourse from ecological perspectives in the field of Translation Studies. Eco-Translatology describes and interprets translation activities in terms of the ecological principles of Eco-holism, traditional Eastern eco-wisdom, and 'Translation as Adaptation and Selection'. Further, Eco-Translatology approaches the phenomenon of translation as a broadly conceived eco-system in which the ideas of 'Translation as Adaptation and Selection', as well as translation as a 'textual transplant' promoting an 'eco-balance', are integrated into an all-encompassing vision. Lastly, Eco-Translatology reinforces contextual uniqueness, emphasizing the deep embeddedness of texts, translations, and the human agents involved in their production and reception in their own habitus. It is particularly encouraging, in this increasingly globalised world, to see a new paradigm sourced from East Asian traditions but with universal appeal and applications, and which adds to the diversity and plurality of global Translation Studies.

This book, the first of its kind, will substantially expand the horizons of Translation Studies, a field that is still trying to define its own borders, and will open a wealth of new possibilities. Destined to become a milestone in the field of Translation, Interpretation and Adaptation Studies, as well as eco-criticism, it will introduce readers to a wholly new epistemological intervention in Translation Studies and therefore will open new vistas of thoughts, discussion and criticism.

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