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Manufacturing Masculinity

The Mangan Oeuvre - Global Reflections on J.A. Mangan's Studies of Masculinity, Imperialism and Militarism

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520 S.

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Logos. ISBN 978-3-8325-4535-2

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This tribute to Professor J. A. (Tony) Mangan is well-deserved.

Professor Mangan is a path-breaking scholar. Mangan's impact is measurable in the rarest of ways: institution-building. Under his leadership, a globally situated team has opened a new relationship between sport and the academy and I recommend Manufacturing Masculinity: The Mangan Oeuvre -- Global Reflections on J.A. Mangan's Studies of Mas -culinity, Imperialism and Militarism as, yet again, it offers a unique consideration of the relationship between sport and academy.

Professor John D. Kelly - University of Chicago

Professor Mangan has since the early 1980s been one of the foremost international scholars within his chosen field of cultural history. Over this period he has possibly more convincingly than any other international academic shown in his research how much sport and associated forms of competitive performance have not only reflected and reproduced but indeed sometimes also reformed and redirected fundamental political, cultural and social structures and ideological transformative forces in modern civilisation.

Professor Henrik Meinander - University of Helsinki

Professor Mangan is widely and greatly respected in China as a scholar of international distinction. he has made both direct and indirect contributions to Chinese scholarship especially regarding Chinese women and their long struggle for emancipation. Finally, and I cannot stress this point too strongly, a most important contribution. has been his crystal clear and nuanced writing style much appreciated by. Chinese who wish to write for the international scholastic world.

Professor Dong Jinxia - Peking University

No one has had a more influential role in, or made a greater contribution to the cultural history of modern sport than Professor J.A. Mangan. With his visionary, pioneering monographs and many seminal edited collections and as founding editor of the series Sport in the Global Society with its numerous volumes and most especially as founding editor and editor of The International Journal of the History of Sport for some thirty years -- which he took from the original three numbers a year to eighteen numbers a year, his contribution has been unparalleled.

Professor Roberta J. Park - University of California, Berkeley

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