Hodges / Voet

Delivering Collective Redress

New Technologies
2019. Buch. XIV, 351 S. Hardcover
C.H.BECK ISBN 978-3-406-72832-7
Format (B x L): 15,7 x 23,4 cm
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This book charts the transformative shifts in techniques that seek to deliver collective redress, especially for mass consumer claims in Europe. It shows how traditional approaches of class litigation (old technology) have been eclipsed by the new technology of regulatory redress techniques and consumer ombudsmen. It describes a series of these techniques, each illustrated by leading examples taken from a 2016 pan-EU research project. It then undertakes a comparative evaluation of each technique against key criteria, such as effective outcomes, speed, and cost. The book reveals major transformations in European legal systems, shows the overriding need to view legal systems from fresh viewpoints, and to devise a new integrated model.
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