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Hirao / Ogi

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers

Noncontacting Ultrasonic Measurements using EMATs

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2nd ed. 2017. 2016

Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 9784431560364


This second edition provides comprehensive information on electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs), from the theory and physical principles of EMATs to the construction of systems and their applications to scientific and industrial ultrasonic measurements on materials. The original version has been complemented with selected ideas on ultrasonic measurement that have emerged since the first edition was released.

The book is divided into four parts:

PART I offers a self-contained description of the basic elements of coupling mechanisms along with the practical designing of EMATs for various purposes. Several implementations to compensate for EMATs' low transfer efficiency are provided, along with useful tips on how to make an EMAT.

PART II describes the principle of electromagnetic acoustic resonance (EMAR), which makes the most of EMATs' contactless nature and is the most successful amplification mechanism for precise measurements of velocity and attenuation.

PART III applies EMAR to studying physical acoustics. New measurements have emerged with regard to four major subjects: in situ monitoring of dislocation behavior, determination of anisotropic elastic constants, pointwise elasticity mapping (RUM), and acoustic nonlinearity evolution.

PART IV deals with a variety of individual issues encountered in industrial applications, for which the EMATs are believed to be the best solutions. This is proven by a number of field applications.


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