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Robotik im Kontext von Recht und Moral

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Nomos. ISBN 978-3-8487-1015-7

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Robotik und Recht; 3


Robotic systems are constantly moving into more and more areas of human life. Their use is no longer restricted to the industrial sector. They also have a wide range of military, medical and domestic applications. The (near) pervasive presence of this technology is increasingly shaping our everyday lives. The present work, Robotik im Kontext von Recht und Moral, focuses on technological advances in the field of robotics and their effects on society. In particular, it examines whether the legal and moral frameworks in use up to now may be applied to interactions between humans and machines, or whether new approaches must be found. After reviewing our current state of knowledge, it will focus on developments expected in the future.

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